Travel Struggles we all face

I obviously love travel. What’s better than taking a break from our regular lives and visit places we’ve never seen? Even though the struggle is REAL, we still do traveling, since it’s so worth it. Reading this is literally  a #Relatable and #SAME moment.

1.) Packing your stuff


How many of you have literally NO idea what to bring? So ya end up taking every article of clothing and stuffing it in your suitcase. You even bring your wool scarf to The Bahamas.


2.) Waiting in lines


Waiting in lines for tickets, boarding pass, passport confirmation, security. How much more do we need?? In the airport, literally 90% of our time is all spent in line.


3.) Dying of Boredom


Me when I have nothing to do. The worst?? When your EVERYTHING runs out of battery and you didn’t pack the charger in a carry-on.


4.) No Wi-Fi


I want to text or surf. I wait for the signal. No Connection. It’s just been tough.


5.) Jet Lag

giphy (8).gif

Being tired all day long. Not a fan. Not a fan at all.


6.) Posing for endless pictures.


At the time, it feels tiring. A huge mouth workout, you can say. Although, in the end the pictures are worth it so give it your best grin.


7.) Realizing how much money you spent on vacation.


Sometimes we can be blind when it comes to seeing ourselves spending/wasting money. That also means no shopping until 3 months.


8.) But its all worth it.

giphy (11).gif

It truly is. Vacation outwins the costs it has. And sometimes, we don’t even realize the downs of it. Travel, since it’s the only thing you spend that makes you richer.


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10 thoughts on “Travel Struggles we all face

  1. Well said.. for me packing is the biggest task😰 Even after checking and crosschecking sometimes things go short. I totally agree to you watever pain we take to make a tour happen, the happiness when you finally reach the destination is boundless.

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