Your Prep-Guide to Thailand

It’s exotic, wild, and tropical. Why not go? If you’re planning to book a ticket to the destination or already did, then yay!! I’m certain you’ll love it because there’s nothing like Thailand. Enjoy!!

1.) WEATHER: If you go to Thailand in the summer, the weather is going to be a consistent 90 degrees-100 degrees. Yikes. Deciding they didn’t want their daughter to be a melted puddle, my parents decided to be cautious and didn’t go to Thailand during the summer. Instead we went in December (I also recommend going during that time). In the winter, Thailand is about 70-80 degrees. The weather is still really hot and nice too.


2.) TIME ZONE: Check how far ahead or behind Thailand’s time zone is compared to yours. This will help you be prepared and see if you need a day or two to recover from jet lag.


3.) POPULATION: Most places you’ll go in Thailand are nearly as crowded as a concert. If you aren’t traveling by yourself, keep on watch for your companions so you won’t end up lost like I did several times.


4.) ENVIRONMENT: The streets of Thailand is truly lively. Locals are very friendly. Keep the streets clean by not smoking and littering. Many people will be grateful for your acts to helping conserve the environment.


5.) SAFETY: Safety wise, Thailand isn’t a place were you have to worry too much about it. The only crime that mainly targets tourists is pick-pocketing. Keep bags closed at all times and under your eyes, also keep certain valuables at home if possible.


6.) CURRENCY: Money in Thailand is called Baht (Bh•att) Bills come in 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 Baht. Plus, ATM’s accept international debit cards and have cash advances 24/7. Use your money wisely, for the sake of your wallet. We all know how the bills disappear before our eyes.

7.) LANGUAGE: Every travel book about Thailand says that locals know English. When I went knowing about this, I was actually surprised because 50% of the locals I talked to don’t know English, although all locals are so friendly. I didn’t know how to say anthing in Thai. Downloading Google Translate would be helpful and now I so wish I did that.

DSCF1190 - Copy - Copy

8.) TIPPING: Big restaurants usually add 10% in your bill. Check it so see if they deducted service charge. If they haven’t, then tip 10-15%. Tipping isn’t necessary in small restaurants or food stalls, but you’re always welcome to . On tours, tourists give a tip if the guide has done a good job.


9.) DRIVING: To drive as a tourist in Thailand is harder than trying to drive in New York. There are countless road accidents involving tourists, so I recommend paying a taxi driver anywhere you’d go, for your safety.


10.)  SHOPPING: If you didn’t know, Thailand is the shopping destination!! Stores have everything you can imagine and more. Jewelry is a must for you ladies. Most sapphires and rubies of the world are imported from Thailand. If you have dollars, prices will be much cheaper. Services are well done too. To save some money, check out my post  called Bargaining



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