My Birthday: A day in my life

Hey guys! A few days ago, I celebrated my birthday as I turned 14 years old! Even to this point, I act like a little kid on birthdays. I make wishes too, even on other people’s cakes. Shhhh!!! Anyways, I wanted to share with you the really nice afternoon I had. (Because that’s really when my day started) Enjoy!

For lunch, my dad and I went to this cool Mexican restaurant called “Cactus”. First off, the chips, salsa, and guac came. Then I got a Hibiscus Mango Mint Mocktail because it was treat-yo-self day. Not only was this drink tasty, it was photogenic. Next, I ordered my first Chimichanga (I know!) It’s really fun to say “Chimichanga” to the waiter. It’s crunch crust paired well with the filling. The side of rice and beans were good as well.

Once I came home, I honestly spent the afternoon relaxing with a spa day and some Netflix. My dad and I went out to buy some ice cream cake for me. I know it’s so generic, but it’s a tradition to have cake for my birthday. I’ve never had a birthday without cake. I don’t usually have cake at all, but my birthday cake is something special. It’s never my birthday without it, and I love how happy it makes me.

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post!

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I’ll see you next time!



4 thoughts on “My Birthday: A day in my life

  1. Shreya you are so young to do this, we really appreciate that at just the 14 one can write a blog. We are so new here on WordPress. And your name seems like an Indian one so we took interest in your blog posts. You are amazing, cheers 🍻 babe and rock the world.

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