Tips for Tulip Town, Mt. Vernon

For all you artsy photographers out there wanting a cute pic to post, this is the place for you. Tulip Town is in Washington state, specifically in the region of Mt. Vernon. I advise you to go if you are there at the right time. These tips will give you an idea of Tulip Town and it won’t disappoint!!

  1.  You must go in April. You heard me. According to Mother Nature, no other time will work. I go in mid-April, so the tulips are blooming, but there will be a wave of people. Anytime in April and the first week of May is okay.
  2. Bring shoes that you are okay with if they get dirty. I am saving your white shoes here. You are going to be walking on dried mud when you pose through the tulip rows, but there are messy spots, so be careful.
  3. Watch out for weather. First of all, make sure you’re going on a good day, but be prepared. Washington is not your average sunny state and it’s spring, meaning rain showers. Pack a poncho, umbrella or anything necessary.
  4. Bring some extra money in hand. FYI, you do need to purchase tickets. After you’ve seen the tulips, there is a place where you can buy paintings, toys, shirts, and souvenirs This is optional, but if you would like to buy a keepsake, go for it!
  5. Be there near noon. When you plan your trip, I prefer arriving before lunch (11:00-12:00), or after (1:00-3:00). Coming before lunch is nice because there won’t be many people, but after lunch is just as great.
  6. Bring Family. You won’t regret it. Tulip Town is a good family friendly attraction and I love how the family pictures come out to be. You don’t always get a lovely landscape background like this. Snap some cute memories!
  7. Tulips aren’t the only thing to experience in town!! While you’re outside, visit the Prater Waterwheel Garden, Flag & Summit Garden, bus tours, and a small flower bed dedicated to veterans. Once you’re done, check out the indoor tulip garden display, souvenir shops, face painting for kids, and the Tulip Town Cafe.
  8. Plan out your entire day. Based off of my experience, your time there would be a maximum of 2 hours. (I’m counting time from picture posing, and other activities), Remember, my schedule is different, so don’t go off of how I work. Estimate your time when it comes to driving distance and other factors.
  9. Get more information.  Make sure you don’t have any doubts before going to Tulip Town. Check out their site at
  10. Don’t go just yet!! There is plenty to do in the region of Skagit Valley. Skagit Valley is family friendly and if you have some extra time in the area, go check out some attractions that you can find online.


Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post!

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