Travel Habits to Master Today + 20 Followers?!

Hey guys!! It has been so long since I have posted and I apologize for you guys that were waiting for a new post. As a blogger, one of the biggest obstacles that will get in your way is your life. For me, I started the massive workload of *high school*. Also, WE REACHED 20 FOLLOWERS!! I’m so happy that my work is appreciated, and the support the community gives me is what gets me writing. I’m so happy 20 of you guys is still exploring with me. Anyways, I wanted to share with you the habits I made that changed the way I traveled. Hope you enjoy!

  • Be prepared. If it means making a reminder on your phone or making a giant packing list (like me), do it. You won’t regret it because this time you won’t say “Oh my god, I forgot sunscreen!”. Better off prepared than with nothing.

  • Don’t Complain. First, find out what you’re complaining about and why. For example, I complained about waiting in long lines at the airport, because it was time consuming and boring. Then, find a solution. For me, I solved my complaint by passing time. I talked with my parents or I did something productive, like reading a book. One solution that solves most situations is to take some time to feel grateful about everything in your life. When you get rid of complaints, it becomes easier to truly enjoy and preserve your experiences.

  • Conveniently Remove Stresses. Write down stresses that have come in your way during travel, and find a solution. When my family traveled , one stress that always came our way was taking forever to find our passports and boarding passes. What we did was we put all our passports and boarding passes into a mini cross body bag that my Dad carried. Even though it was the tiniest stress, it made traveling much easier.

  • Be Open to new things. There are people out there that eat McDonald’s, Starbucks, and KFC when they travel anywhere and it drives me nuts. When I travel, I never try to eat at a place that I could go to back home. Instead of running to get that Big Mac, check out the local Mexican Restaurant next door. Actually, most of my favorite restaurants are in other places. This doesn’t apply to just food. Instead of going to the beach that looks exactly like the one next to your house, try zip lining. A true traveler explores the unknown, right?

  • Disconnect. Really savor the moment. As a blogger, I need to take pictures and videos, so I’m not forcing you to ditch all your electronics. But don’t be that person who’s on a breathtaking beach, but scrolling through Instagram. When I wasn’t present during a time of travel, I really regret it. I take my pictures and videos, but then the rest of the time, I’m completely present. Notice your surroundings and collect your throughts. Savoring the moment to yourself creates great memories in your head.

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! If you did, it would be great if you liked and commented down below. I’d love to reply! If you’re new here & want to start an adventure with me, definitely follow and come into the “All the places she goes” family! I’ll see you next time!



8 thoughts on “Travel Habits to Master Today + 20 Followers?!

  1. Congrats on the 20+ followers! 😀 Keep up the effort! I know right, it is hard to blog when rest of life distracts you! Be strong, keep it up! x
    Those are great tips, so true remove stresses – I know what cause my stress and do nothing about it hahah 😛
    Doni ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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