My Top 5 Attractions of Bangkok

Bangkok is a modern city, yet it’s a place enriched with ancient history and culture. I have to say that you haven’t really visited Thailand if you haven’t been to Bangkok. I overall had a lot of fun in the city, as well as savored the solitude and beauty of the temples. Here are my 6 best attractions you must see.

  • Grand Palace: Chances are, your senses perked up once you read this. Just like the name, the palace is an attention grabber. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha and The huge golden chedi are the top 2 sights to see. We requested our tour guide to take us to the most important attractions. He taught us some history and finished the tour in less than 2 hours. I’m sure your guide will too if you request as well! I think that the Grand Palace was a truly exhilarating experience. I learned a lot of history about Thailand and saw one-of-a-kind ,Thai architecture.

  • Wat Pho in Bangkok: This temple is the oldest and largest temple complex in Bangkok. Out of the entire compound, it’s very hard to miss the 150 ft long Reclining Buddha. Visit the chedis and the intricate towers outside. Many people go for the Thai massage, but I wasn’t ready for the masseuse to break my back. Coming to Wat Pho around lunchtime is good idea, because there are good places to eat nearby.

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  • Wat Arun in Bangkok: Wat Arun, also known as The Temple of The Dawn, is one of the largest symbols of Bangkok. It is the home of the mythological Hindu gods, and have demon protectors on the towers. At first, I was surprised that there was only the towers. Be sure to visit the small temples in the back of the complex. My family and I walked all around the back, and we even discovered a secret market full of jewelry goods. Overall, I can’t describe to you how aesthetic it looks like.


  • Asiatique: Located in Central Bangkok, Asiatique is a open mall, where you can get clothes, food and many more. I must say though, shops and restaurants mostly overpriced, and vendors don’t usually agree to bargaining. Check out the Ferris Wheel and the waterfront view on the boardwalk. My favorite part there was when I got my first fish soak. It’s where you soak your legs in a tub full of mini fish for however long. They peck out dirt, dead skin, and cleanse your legs. At first, I had to literally restrain myself from giggling from the fish, but you get used to it and I would love to do it again. Visiting Asiatique was a wonderful way of winding down after a long day of sightseeing.


  • Wat Benchamabophit: This elegant and religious temple was ordered to be made in 1899, and had Italian influence in terms of design. The Italian marble gives the nickname “The Marble Temple”. This temple is very quiet because of few visitors, so it was truly calming to walk in admiration. The temple is so gorgeous, that it’s a crime not to take any pictures. A nice time to visit is in the afternoon. The Marble Temple is a hidden treasure, but it’s critical to see it in Bangkok.


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