Winning My 1st Liebster Award!

I am so flattered to say that I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award! I’ve always seen my favorite bloggers get several of them, but I didn’t think I would get my own!

I’d like to thank Doni W for nominating me for the award. Doni has been supporting me very early on, and she motivates and inspires me with her words of encouragement. She posts inspirational quotes and messages about life, and they make me a better person. Check out her blog and follow her on


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the questions made for you
  • Nominate about 5-10 Blogs and let them know about the nomination
  • Ask them 11 questions

How is the weather like in the place you live?

I honestly read this and just laughed, because I live in Seattle, Washington. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the rainiest places in America. Even though it rains like every week, Seattle is a natural beauty when it’s sunny and skies are clear. There always a gorgeous landscape, filled with mountains and lush greenery. I definitely recommend coming in the summer! You can check out my post A Day in Seattle, where I show you a casual vacation-style day in the heart of Seattle.

In my blog, what areas of my blog should I improve? 

Doni, what improvements? Honestly, I can’t think of much when you ask me for blog advice, you know more than me! But I would love it if your posts were longer because people need to hear more of your powerful voice on distinctive topics. And you should include more of your images in-between your writing. I just love your featured images! They look like Tumblr quote wallpapers. Other than that, I think you are doing a fabulous job, Doni.

If someone gives everyone in your friendship group a bracelet EXCEPT you (take note that this happens when you are there to witness it) – how would you react? Do you think this is wrong?

I would ask the person why one wasn’t made for me, but I’m not the type who gets so easily offended. Although I definitely would want to know their reason why.

Drinking Alcohol-what is the downsides of consuming it?

I’m a teen, so I’m not very informative on this topic, but with what I’ve learned from health class, it’s that alcohol isn’t healthy for your body and it puts your life and others at risk.

Do you think ethics contribute to success? How?

I think ethics can contribute the way success is given to you. If you have good morals, I think that success should be given based off of your passion and drive, not hacks. But if you have morals held to a bad standard, your path to success is a bit more twisted. Then again, this is solely my opinion, and I’m writing this with not too much information.

Would you take care of your parents when you are older or would you send them to nursing homes?

In my family, every generation has always taken care of their parents by themselves. And as nursing homes are great as well, we prefer taking care of them and spending good times together as well. My parents have done so much for me, so when they need me I’m always there for them.

Who harms you the most! A beast harming you physically or your evil mind?

Thankfully, I have nobody harming me physically, but I sometimes feel like one part of my mind always criticizes me. Maybe it’s because I’m such a perfectionist, but I’m training myself to think in a way that embraces imperfections.

Do you think morals are degrading these days?

I think that morals are merely a personal choice, so if morals are degrading, then people are choosing degrading morals. But I also want to say that there are so many people who are such amazing role-models and their actions based off of their own morals are very inspiring.

What is the purpose of life?

Oh my gosh! I’m only fourteen years old, but I will tell you what I believe. I think one purpose is that we should help others and to make the most of our lives with happiness.

What are your goals for 2018?

I would want to expand my blog more this year, because I haven’t posted a lot, and I’m working now to post every week for you guys. I have plans to travel a lot more in 2018. I’m not sure what other goals I have now, but I want to be spontaneous with them!

Have you donated to a charity or do you have plans to donate to a charity?

Me and my family often buy grocery items and donate them to local food banks. We also donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital monthly. It’s always a great feeling to give back!

My Nominations: 

  1. Living That Library Lifestyle
  2. The Passport Stamp
  3. Lebanese Chic
  4. Aly Halbakken
  5. Phoenix’s Life

 My Questions: 

  1. What is one of the best vacations you’ve ever had so far?
  2. What is your favorite comfort food?
  3. What’s your best tip for being productive?
  4. What is the most scariest thing you’ve ever done?
  5. What advice do you live by, and would give to someone else?
  6. If a genie could grant you 3 genuine wishes, what would they be?
  7. If you just got $100, what would you spend it on?
  8. What are your other hobbies?
  9. What was an important life lesson you’ve learned this year?
  10. What are your plans and goals for 2018?
  11. Why do you blog?

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! If you did, it would be great if you liked and commented down below. I’d love to reply! If you’re new here & want to start an adventure with me, definitely follow and come into the “All the places she goes” family! I’ll see you next time!



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