Hollywood Streets and Museums: Day Two in Los Angeles


When you hear “Los Angeles”, what do you picture? A majority of you, including me, will picture the Hollywood area, the tropical beaches, and the typical LA street scene. I learned there’s a lot more to Los Angeles than what meets the eye. There are lots of places scattered around to see. On the second day of my trip, I visited many places I haven’t even heard of.


In the morning, we took a 45-min drive to the La Brea Tar Pits Museum. During the last ice age, “tar pits” formed when asphalt emerged from the surface through openings in the Earth’s crust. This trapped several animals from that time period.  You can still see the tar pits at the very spot where the museum is located. The organization has collected millions of prehistoric fossils ever since 1907, and are still excavating today.


The museum showcases fossils of several animals, from the smallest mouse to the largest mammoth. It’s so big, I’m sure we would die if it just gave us a kick. Right after the exhibits, a 3D theater plays films, recreating visuals of the Ice Age. We passed by the theater and ended the visit by buying an informative mini book, including pictures of me and my family that the staff took.


At a walking distance from the Tar Pits Museum, was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The building is just behind the Urban Light sculpture, which consists of restored street lamps from the 1920’s-1930’s. There are about 6  buildings with art pieces from the world. At the time I dropped by, I only went to the Ahmanson Building and the Latin American floor of the Art of the Americas Building. Another post of my LACMA photo portfolio is in the making!


For lunch, we went to the Original Los Angeles Farmer’s Market. THIS PLACE IS THE BEST PLACE TO GET LUNCH I CANNOT EMPHASIZE IT ENOUGH! From French Cafes to Mediterranean and Indonesian cuisines, the market was a giant food court with a variety of foods. We found this small stall serving Malaysian/Singapore Cuisine, and it was definitely worth it.



From the corner of my eye, an ice cream parlor was serving homemade ice cream. With a cone of mint ice cream in my hand,  I strolled out to The Grove. The Grove is a center filled with high-end stores and restaurants, which surrounds long walkways and recreational outdoor spaces.


Before leaving Los Angeles, a spot our family wanted to visit was The Griffith Observatory. The facility is in Griffith Park, which also includes The Greek Theater for artists to hold concerts. Sadly the Observatory was closed! But we admired the view from the open balcony. A beautiful sight, from the city skyline to the Hollywood sign, in a turning glance.


We went from viewing the city from afar to walking in the city streets by early evening. We started to walk through The Hollywood Walk of Fame. We viewed the famous Oscar-hosting Dolby Theater and the TCL Chinese Theater.  


Afterward, we came upon The Madame Tussauds Museum LA. We had a blast posing with wax figures of iconic Hollywood stars.

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