Art Photo Gallery in The Getty Center : Day Three in Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ very famous art museum, The Getty Center, is a refined center of a variety of art pieces from around the world. In the late 1940’s J. Paul Getty collected many pieces of art and created The Getty Center. He was determined to make art available for the public’s education and enjoyment. Today, you can visit the many exhibitions in the center, the gardens in The Getty Villa, and take many tours, and all these activities are free of admission! I was kept entertained the entire morning, admiring art from Egypt, Italy, France, and India.  I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed The Getty Museum!


Exhibit 1: Egypt and the Classical World 


Exhibit 2: Michelangelo to Degas; Major New Acquisitions 


Exhibit 3: King Louis IV’s French Furniture Collection 


Exhibit 4: A Queen’s Treasure from Versailles; Marie-Antoinette’s Japanese Laquer 


Exhibit 5: Rembrandt and the Inspiration of India


Terrace View


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