Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios has given me that special giddy feeling as a young child, and recently I got to relive the excitement of my 7-year-old self. Universal Studios Hollywood made me have an even stronger attachment to my favorite movies and characters. One day in the amusement park can fly by really quickly, but it can bring lively memories for you to carry for a long time. I’ll be sharing you my pictures and my favorite attractions and rides that I enjoyed.

My Favorite Rides and Shows:

  • Universal Studios Tour: By-far one of the best things that Universal Hollywood has to offer! Ride on a tour bus and see the famous backlot filled with several sets. You also get to have a 360 Degree 3-D experience of King Kong and Fast and Furious. Explore a behind-the-scenes perspective on many Universal movies.


  • Transformers; The Ride 3-D: I had a lot of fun on this ride, and it was very cool because of the special effects and technology that made you feel like you were flying/driving in the streets with the Transformers.
  • Universal’s Animal Actors: This show reveals the animal actors we see and how they perform as if they were on screen. At the end of the day, it was super cute to see many animals show their tricks and skills on stage.
  • WaterWorld Show: This theatrical show is inspired by the 1995 action movie, where all land is gone, and there are two groups fighting for sacred land. The show was a stunning visual, with great props and actors, along with great water stunts and explosions.

  • The Walking Dead Attraction: Walking Dead fan or not, this was a super cool mini event to be in! I’m the last person to enjoy a scary walk-through, but I didn’t regret it even though I got dragged into it (Like seriously, I almost ran away). There were zombies that jumped out and scared me at first, but then I got used to it. You get to walk through a well-crafted set and feel as if you were in the show itself.
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Ride: Experience a 3-D stimulation in this Harry Potter ride! With animatronics an film projection, the riders get the sensation that they are flying around Hogwarts Castle, playing in a Quidditch match, and escaping various obstacles.
  • Special Effects Show: This 30-minute show teaches you about all the techniques films use to display a variety of special effects we see today.

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