NEW SERIES; A 24 HR First Impression (London Edition)


First impressions are the main source we use to judge or make a decision about someone/something. In this new series, my thoughts about a place in the first 24 hours will be spilled from my mind to a post. What looks new? What do I like? What do I not like? What’s similar? In the first few moments in any new situation, is when we learn the most. 

“…my thoughts about a place in the first 24 hours will be spilled from my mind to this post.”


               Shreya’s phone suddenly emitted a blue glow into her face as she turned it on. It was exactly 10:30 pm. As a small smile grew on her face, and the blue glow clicked off. She turned to see her first glimpse of London through an airport taxi. At times, Shreya preferred to listen instead of talk. She was comfortably silent, while she heard the conversation between her parents and the taxi driver.

“She turned to see her first glimpse of London through an airport taxi.”

               It was blue hour, and one could see streaks of burnt orange in the night sky. No one would believe that it was so late. With the full moon and the metropolitan lights, the atmosphere felt buzzed. People were still out as if it was noon. Reality felt altered in an enigmatic way. Shreya admired her surroundings for what felt like a long time, until the taxi was brought to a stop.

“With the full moon and the metropolitan lights, the atmosphere felt buzzed.”

               Shreya’s parents rented out a serviced apartment, and it was a classic dream. It provided a great view of London. It was midnight and it was only fitting that the sky turned to a rich black. Soon, Shreya would flutter her eyes shut, and all her eyes could muster to see was the same shade of black the sky gave.

<<THE NEXT DAY>>               

               An alarm was never set the night before. The three of us deeply slept and we woke up in the late morning. By an hour, everyone was dressed and we were sitting in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Even though the morning was slow, there was many small errands to do. The evening came, and we walked around Pimlico. Dinner was eaten at a local Indian restaurant. The night pulled to an end, as we reached our hotel and got to bed.


  • People drive on the left side of a two way road. Drivers sit in the right side of the car. In the United States, it is the exact opposite. 
  • Car license plates are yellow. There is room for 7 letters or numbers. They usually have this format; for example (PUI8 BES).
  • There are many Uber drivers in London, even though London has one of the greatest transportation systems in the world.
  • Traffic is an issue day and night, which is not surprising. Most urban areas in the present day have the same issue. 
  • Locals commonly use the London Underground to get to their workplaces. The metro system is very convenient, and it is in good shape considering that it started in 1863. The 11 lines can take to to anywhere in London, including the outskirts of the central area.
  • The official metro card of the London Underground is called the Oyster Card. I recommend getting one while you are visiting as well. It is like a debit card, and you can get one or add money in it at every station. It is much more easier to carry around one of these than to pay cash every time. 
  • Fish and Chips must be eaten at a place that only specializes in fish and chips. Its’s best not to eat them where it’s an option on the menu of another restaurant. 
  • Indian Cuisine is super popular in London. As I was chatting with a local, he had said that he finds the flavor and spices so tasty, and that one can get tired of eating steak pie or fish and chips. As an Indian myself, I have to say the Indian food must be tried out in London. 
  • The classic red Double-Decker buses have the greatest view from above. The buses are much more prominent in the streets than I would have expected. 
  • It’s very difficult to find a famous red telephone booth that can be used today. They usually cannot be opened, or they are used to store emergency defibrillators. Occasionally, you can find the new telephone stands. They are black, and has WiFi in it as well as a classic dialing phone to call from. 


               London has had an everlasting impression on me. I enjoyed knowing how locals live there, and I really got to experience the way things are done. London is one of the places that give a feeling that’s hard to explain, but easily understood once you encounter London yourself. The place is sometimes unfathomable, and sometimes transparent. It has what one would say a juxtaposing beauty. The entire area is filled of contrasting aspects. 


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5

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