After a hectic school year, I found out how desperately I needed summer break. Time flies when you’re having fun, and now there are less than 2 weeks left of summer. I used to be the type to work for hours and forget about taking some time off to relax. Pausing is critical to keeping yourself at the top of your game, and the results were great. Now I literally make sure I rest so I can efficiently work instead of burning out. What are your favorite ways of relaxing or unwinding? Be sure to take care of yourself cause you deserve all the care in the world.

While my family and I was vacationing in London, something felt missing. Every day, we were surrounded by the urban environment. Our minds were craving a piece of peace. London is like your busy life, and The Cotswolds is like your favorite way to relax.

Visiting The Cotswolds was an unforgettable experience because there isn’t anything like it.  The rolling hills, wildflower grasslands, and lush valleys are one of the few things that make the place a treasured part of the English Countryside. The area isn’t too far from the heart of London, and it’s very close to Oxford.

“London is like your busy life, and The Cotswolds is like your favorite way to relax.”


What is The Cotswolds?

The Cotswolds is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) spans over 790 sq miles. The environment is the definition of the English Countryside, with limestone houses, small villages, markets, and primeval woodlands. The site is near famous places like Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, and Bath. One can truly feel at home by cycling or horse-riding. On the contrary, one can feel like a tourist, because there is so much historical significance. The castles, battlefields, forts, and churches tell newcomers the past stories of rural England. One can take a day group trip, or stay in the area of a couple of days. What really steals the spotlight is the natural beauty of the environment, such as it’s distinctive regional features.


Ways you can experience The Cotswolds

  1. Most visitors hire a bus tour so that they can see the most important spots for the day. This is what my family and I did, and we had a lot of fun with the tour group!
  2. If you can’t get enough of the place, stay at one of the many hotels in Cotswolds for a couple of days. There’s something for everyone, like manor hotels or small inns.
  3. If you’re more of a camping person, don’t worry! There are several park sites where families camp for a day or two. You can choose between a camping pod or a tent.

Which option would you choose?


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