After a great but short-lived summer, I’m starting to transition into the autumn season, which means going back to school, wearing warmer clothes, and having colder weather. Once September hits in Seattle, the summer climate slows to a stop, and the rainy/cloudy weather starts showing up regularly.  In fact, from September all the way to May, it’s usually raining. Since I’ve lived in Washington my whole life, I’m pretty used to the rain. That’s why I don’t take the sun for granted and make the most of any sunny day that comes by. St. Andrews is the complete opposite of where I live. Since cloudy skies and evergreen trees are my daily surroundings, the sunny seaside town is a great change of environment.

“Since cloudy skies and evergreen trees are my daily surroundings, the sunny seaside town is a great change of environment.”


What is St. Andrews?

St. Andrews is a coastal seaside town, which is about 52 miles Northeast from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. You may have already seen the town’s stunning beach, as it was the setting in the opening of the movie Chariots of Fire. It’s the birthplace of Golf, and home of the oldest castle and university in Scotland. The castle was the home of  Cardinal David Beaton back in the early 16th century. Beaton was a Catholic martyr who bloodily opposed Protestantism. He used the dungeon underneath the castle to imprison and kill Protestants. The dark period of Reformation halted to a stop when Beaton was killed in 1546. Currently, St. Andrews is a peaceful area that attracts many tourists.


Places to visit in St. Andrews 

St. Andrews Castle: The castle had housed the bishops and archbishops of Scotland during the Middle Ages. The castle was badly damaged during the siege that ended up in the death of Cardinal David Beaton. Archbishop John Hamilton repaired and added the Hamilton Facade, which is the new entrance front. The castle also provides a beautiful view of the West Sands Beach. Presently, Historic Scotland owns the grounds, displaying it’s best surviving fragments, a visitor center, and a shop.

Botanic Garden: Often referred to as the “gem” of Scotland, St. Andrews Botanic Garden is an 18-acre area with over 8,000 plant species. One can also discover their rock garden, and experience the activities that are provided for children.

St Andrews Cathedral: The “must-see” attraction is a ruined roman cathedral that was built in 1158. Though it lies in pieces, the cathedral was the headquarters of the medieval Scottish church, that dominated Scottish religion until the mid-1500s. Besides the architecture, there was ancient relics, sculptures, and a historic graveyard cemetery to marvel at.

British Golf Museum: St. Andrews is the home of modern golf, and the museum teaches visitors about the history, equipment, and legacy of the game. But, the famous old golf course is something everyone wants to see, The award-winning institution is one of the most prestigious golf collection in all of Europe.

West Sands Beach: The sandy beach is located on the eastern coastline of the Kingdom of Fife. It’s very private for visitors since the beach extends up to two miles. Swimming, boating, yachting, and picnicking are popular activities to enjoy.

Shopping and Dining Locations: The quaint town has a huge variety of shops, from local to high-end stores, and has a handful of places to eat different types of foods.



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