Polaroid Camera VS. Polaroid Printer: Which one is best for you?


I’ve always been fond of vintage things that came before I was born. When our family is in the car,  I prefer to play our “Old is Gold” playlist, which is filled with songs from the 70s and 80s. Growing up, I’d read my parents’ old comics and dream about driving an ambassador car in the future. A few years ago, polaroids made a comeback and they were all over Pinterest. I never got the hype, but that changed once I was gifted a polaroid camera. There’s something so fascinating about developing your own picture and holding it in the palm of your hand instead of looking at it through a screen. Later, I figured out that a Polaroid printer actually worked much better for me. I wished I had a guide like this earlier, so readers, I hope you find the product that is best for you.

“There’s something so fascinating about developing your own picture and holding it in the palm of your hand instead of looking at it through a screen. “

This post mentions the INSTAX Mini 8 polaroid camera and the INSTAX Share SP-2 polaroid printer.


Polaroid Camera Pros:


  • The camera costs less than the printer. The camera costs $56, while the printer costs $174.85 (Based off of prices from Amazon)
  • There are 7 body design colors available. Choose from raspberry (color shown in images), grape, white, pink, black, yellow, and blue.
  • Gives photos the “overexposed aesthetic theme”. Some photographers love the way pictures look low-quality, especially with pictures of people.


Polaroid Camera Cons:


  • The camera is not suited for outdoor settings, even though it features a brightness adjustment dial. In my experience, my outdoor polaroids would still come out unclear and washed out, even when using the sunny and bright setting.
  • The flash will always fire every time, whether you like it or not.



Polaroid Printer Pros:


  • Allows you to print pictures from your phone or camera via INSTAX app. This was so convenient for me since a majority of my pictures are taken by a camera.
  • One less camera to carry around. If you take polaroids by a camera, you must carry it around and take your pictures at the moment you want to. With the printer, you can snap a quick pic, and then print them later.
  • The quality of the pictures is spectacular! The image quality of a camera/phone is obviously much better than a Polaroid camera, and that high-resolution quality projects right on the Polaroid. I was very impressed that the clarity and vibrancy in my edited pictures came out identical to the polaroid versions of them.
  • There is a reprinting feature so you can print a picture more than once.
  • Comes in gold or silver. 


Polaroid Printer Cons:


  • The printer is more expensive than the camera. The printer costs $174.85, while the camera costs $56. (Based off of prices from Amazon)
  • The printer needs recharging regularly, and it does take time. If my printer is dead, I probably need to charge it for a couple of hours until it is fully recharged.




  • Both products use the same film, which is the INSTAX Mini Film cartridges.
  • Polaroid images are the same size, which is 62mm X 46mm.
  • Both products can produce 10 pictures per cartridge.



Summary: So which product is best for you?


If you take your pictures via camera/phone, like sharpness, and are always on the go, then I recommend the printer. If you don’t take pictures that often and like the aesthetic of the Polaroid flash camera, then I recommend the camera for you.


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