Hacks to beat Jet lag 

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So what is jet lag for starters? I’ll try to make this very quick and easy, I promise. Jet lag starts when you head to a different time zone and your internal clock gets all messed up. For example, the USA and India are 14 hours apart. So when I sleep, it’s day in India and when I’m up, it’s night in India. So when I arrive in India, I will feel sleepy all day but feel completely awake all night. Your internal clock is telling you when to sleep and wake up based of the time zone of your home. But you can’t sleep all day!! (You wish, but stop being lazy) You have to fight your internal clock’s rhythm and demand it to get used to the other one. Same goes for when you arrive home. Show em who’s boss with these tips.


1.) Start Early. When I flew on my flight to India this year, I immediately switched my clock and tried to sleep and stay awake at the correct times. When you start trying to adjust early, your body will recognize the sleep pattern and try to follow it once you arrive at your destination. On the plane, I opened my window and watched movies so I wouldn’t sleep. When it was time to sleep, I covered the window and put on a sleep mask so my body starts to register in place.

The view after departing from Seattle


2.) Melatonin is your best friend. Melatonin is a very drowsy medicine that helps you sleep. It’s very strong and the dosage is 1 tablet for adults, but for kids you have to split up the tablet and give them a smaller piece. Even if I feel awake during night time, popping a Melatonin tablet really helps. It instantly works!! It’s like you’re Sleeping Beauty. You’ll be snoozing in no time.

The most powerful snooze tools: Melatonin and a sleep mask


3.) Coffee. If you can drink coffee, I suggest having it. On mornings, I drink big ol’ cup of joe (Don’t forget milk and several spoons of sugar!!) so I feel awake and it helps me hold on to the day for some more hours.


Coffee in Seattle



4.) Get Outside. I found out that during the afternoon, I get super sleepy because it’s very early in the morning back at home. During this time, I flop on my bed and sleep. *4 hours later* I wake up and groan because it’s dinner time and I’ve done pretty much nothing. But recently I’ve been getting out in the afternoon and it really helps me stay awake. When I see the daylight and I’m being active, I completely forget about jet lag and I stay up the entire day.

Looking out at the morning Dubai streets


5.) If its possible for you, try to book your flight so that you land in the morning at your destination. It helps starting Step 4 as well. When my family and I went to Thailand, we landed in the afternoon and it was really sunny outside. Who could sleep during this weather? We had some coffee and we took a walk near our hotel. Like I said before, seeing the sun and distracting yourself from sleep can go a long way.

The first view from our hotel room in Bangkok


6.) Out of all these tips, make sure to acknowledge this one. Don’t push yourself too hard. I’ve tried to stay up the entire day and sometimes that doesn’t work out in plan. It’s better to take some rest instead of dragging yourself around like a zombie. I was reading on the table after lunch and I was starting to sleep, but I promised myself I would stay up all day. My mom told me that it always takes time to adapt to something. Getting adjusted quickly will not work. Sometimes you have to give your body a break so if you really need that nap, take it.


Relaxing in my hotel bed in Bangkok, Thailand


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