In some foreign countries, people may overcharge prices more than the price the item is worth. For example, you go to Mexico and you see a watch you like. It is 212 peso ($10). It is not pricey for the US, but in Mexico, it is more than an average price. Then you bargain, which technically means asking to pay the item for a cheaper price. Remember, you can only bargain for items, not food or services.


Tips to help you 

  • Reduce the price to half of the price given. If something is 100 euros, ask for fifty. Sellers will likely compromise between that range.


  • Sometimes walking away after the seller states the price can help. Some people call you back and give a better price for you.


  • You aren’t going to get the item you want in the first store you visit. You may have to visit more.


  • If you want more than one of an item, take advantage with this tip. Ask for the price of one item, then add 10-20 of whatever currency and ask for two with the new price. This tip may work only half of the time.


  • If an the same item is cheaper at an online store or back in your hometown, then don’t get the item on vacation!


  • Find a store that is old and has barely any costumers. The sellers are most likely going to agree with your bargain suggestions so they can get some profit.


Picture Credit: We Heart It



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