A Day in Seattle       (Part 1)

Hey guys, Shreya here. Welcome or welcome back to my blog!! If you are new here & you wanna keep up with me, go ahead and click the follow button on the lower right hand corner of my home page. Today, I am blogging my adventure in Seattle. I realized I haven’t seen much in my own home state, so I decided to plan a trip with my family to tour Seattle for a day. If you liked this post, please show me you did by clicking the like button on the bottom. Thank you and enjoy!!.

It’s a lovely day in Washington and I’m in the car with my Dad. I’m looking out the window seeing the beautiful landscape of Washington. The evergreen trees, fresh air, and the mountains in the background. My hand drapes out from the side of the car, feeling the gust of wind. Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” is playing through the speakers. “Exploring isn’t always discovering far lands. Some of the greatest things you’ll see, they lay right in front of you.”  -Your girl, Shreya


9:00 AM: We left our house after we packed our backpack of necessities for the day.



9:30 AM: We drove to the nearest Park-And-Ride (A lot where drivers can park their cars in the outskirts of a city, and then use public transportation to get to a city). There are other stops other than Park-And-Ride, but I prefer this for travel. Anyways, we boarded the SoundTransit bus that takes the 522 Seattle Route, because this way works best for us. Check out SoundTransit’s site to help with your itinerary.



10:30 AM: We arrived at our stop and we started walking along the streets, admiring it’s charm.


10:35 AM: We reached Pike Place Market and explored all of it. Let me tell you, it’s awesome. Bring some money with you because there’s food, flowers, and lots of trinkets. There are mini restaurants and cafes nearby, so remember to see some of them as well.



11:25 AM: We walked along and saw Le Panier, which is a French Cafe and Bakery right next to the first Starbucks. They serve coffee, desserts, pastries, breads, and lunch dishes. We got a hot chocolate and a latte for drinks. We asked the workers what their best items were. They said the almond croissant and their macaroons. We got one almond croissant and 4 macaroons (Chocolate, Pistachio, Passion Fruit, and Rose). The drinks were decent, but I’ve tasted better. The almond croissant was THE BEST PASTRY I HAVE EVER TASTED. The dough had good density, and the almond paste filling was delicious. The macaroons were also perfect. They weren’t dry, they had flavor, flawless texture, gooey filling. Wow, I sound like a Master chef judge. If I could rank the macaroons from most delicious to least, I would say: Rose, Passion Fruit, Chocolate, and Pistachio. Le Panier is a must!!


12:01 PM: After seeing Pike Place Market, we walked for a while and reached the Seattle Waterfront. We took a stair pathway that had shade, so it was nice to cool off from the summer sun.



12:15: We stumble across Cafe 56, which is a fast food restaurant that serves only seafood dishes. It’s located near Argosy Cruises. It provides indoor dining, a bar, and outside waterfront dining. We had 2 piece Alaskan Cod Fish and Chips and Chilled BBQ Chicken Wrap with potato chips. Both are really savory and I love the seaside summer feeling you get while eating there.


1:20 PM: We board the Seattle Great Wheel. It’s a huge Ferris wheel and it’s near to Cafe 56. The structure is really stable, and it’s built with modern materials and technology. The passenger cars are air-conditioned and they fit 5 people. The wheel stops for 2 minutes at specific spots, and goes around 3 times. It showed a lovely view and I got plenty of aerial pictures.



2:05 PM: After a long walk, we arrived at the Gum Wall. We took pictures and I posted my gum up there!! Warning: The gum wall is way longer than expected and it is more disgusting in real life. When posting up your gum, post it near the end so there will be more space for your gum instead of slapping it on a filled section. It won’t take long either. We spent about 5 minutes there and we were done. It was still cool for me.



2:20 PM: We walk to Gelatiamo, which is near to the stop we got off of. Gelatiamo is an Italian Cafe that offers coffee, pastries, and homemade gelato/sorbet in an assortment of flavors. The cafe is chilled, so if you’ve been beaten by the heat, come on in, and cool yourself off along with some gelato.  The gelato is so creamy, rich, and yummy. It has a subtle and unique flavor, which is just enough before it overpowers the tongue. (Fancy words huh) I got a medium size, which can have 3 scoops. My scoops were Raspberry Sorbet, Lemon, and Cookies n’ Cream. I listed these flavors from my favorite to my least favorite. Be sure to drop by if you can!


3:00 PM: We walk along the streets, and then catch the bus back to the Park-and-Ride. An hour later, we come back and drive home.



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