An Afternoon in Seattle 

Hey guys, Shreya here. Welcome or welcome back to my blog!! If you are new here & you wanna keep up with me, go ahead and click the follow button on the lower right hand corner of my home page. Today I’m telling you my afternoon agenda in Seattle. If you liked this post, please show me you did by clicking the like button on the bottom. Thank you and enjoy!!

11:20 AM: We left from our house and drove to Seattle.


12:30 PM: We parked our car in a parking space and started walking.


12:40 PM: We reached a restaurant called Kastoori Grill and took a seat. It serves Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan Cuisine. It not state-of-the-art looking, but in my opinion, I don’t think that matters. They serve lunch buffet and regular menu dishes based on what you want. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for you. I liked the food there because of the unique taste and spice. My favorite was the self serve mango sorbet near the buffet dishes!! I also love that if you walk straight down, you land in the middle of Pike Place Market.


1:30 PM: We finish led eating and walked through Pike Place Market.


2:05 PM: Once we left Pike Place, we walked to a nearby Ross store and shopped for some items.


3:05 PM: We walked to  Gelatiamo and grabbed a table. Gelatiamo is an Italian Cafe that offers coffee, pastries, and homemade gelato/sorbet in an assortment of flavors. The gelato is so creamy, rich, and yummy. It has a unique and natural flavor, which is really pleasing to taste. Today, I got a medium but instead of 3 scoops, I got 2 instead. I got Chocolate Hazelnut and Mint Chocolate Chip. I love Chocolate Hazelnut and I really felt like those people in the dessert commercials when I ate it. I recommend it for all Nutella lovers out there because it tastes just like it. Mint Chocolate Chip is also nice as well. It’s flavor doesn’t taste too strong or artificial so I felt like I was eating healthy. (It’s a trap!!) But if you see any of their stores out there, check it out because I think it’s really good.


3:15 PM: We drove home after a nice lunch and shopping spree.

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